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About Onigiri Insanity

We welcome you to the strange world of Onigiri Insanity. A webcomic designed and drawn by a group of college students with a love for anime, manga, and all things geek. We hope you enjoy our comic and return with much joy. The comic will update every Friday (at some point). Your friends here at Onigiri Insanity are proud to welcome you to insanity.

16 November 2012

Requirements of a Group Shopping Trip

With the folks here at Onigiri Insanity prepping for a well deserved rest from our studies and insanity things happen. Like the lack of update when there are too many tests and cosplay acquisition trips that go awry. Today's comic was drawn (actually YAY) by Spacey. The first panel shows our group being cut in half as the other car drives by. Third panel shows that Navi (our GPS) doesn't like to work so Osaka and Mysterio ended up making up the directions with mixed results. All and all a fun time. For those of you traveling for the Turkey Day Fun Times drive safe.

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