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We welcome you to the strange world of Onigiri Insanity. A webcomic designed and drawn by a group of college students with a love for anime, manga, and all things geek. We hope you enjoy our comic and return with much joy. The comic will update every Friday (at some point). Your friends here at Onigiri Insanity are proud to welcome you to insanity.

20 April 2012

10 Last Words

Greetings hello and hi. Osaka is actually quoting a professor on this one. Ideas for the list came from the minds of Pope Vegeta, Canada, Sealand, Mysterio, Steve, and possibly others. Kind of hard to tell sometimes. In any case hope you enjoy writing your own personal list. Whenever you think you're going to die rattle one off and if you miss death you get to come up with a new thing to put on your list (it isn't any fun to keep the same one after you've tried it out) but if you do die at least you went out saying something fun. Until next week. :)

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