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We welcome you to the strange world of Onigiri Insanity. A webcomic designed and drawn by a group of college students with a love for anime, manga, and all things geek. We hope you enjoy our comic and return with much joy. The comic will update every Friday (at some point). Your friends here at Onigiri Insanity are proud to welcome you to insanity.

04 February 2011

Setsucon Review

Onigiri Insanity is pleased to have gotten a Judge's Award for our skit at Setsucon 2011. We had a blast putting it together. If you want to watch it just click here. We met some cool people and there would be a con report, but we're a bit beyond that now. So perhaps one day this post will be edited with a con report (I'll link it if that happens) and then you can see all the crazy stuffs that went on. Until next time ~ Onigiri Insanity.

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