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We welcome you to the strange world of Onigiri Insanity. A webcomic designed and drawn by a group of college students with a love for anime, manga, and all things geek. We hope you enjoy our comic and return with much joy. The comic will update every Friday (at some point). Your friends here at Onigiri Insanity are proud to welcome you to insanity.

05 November 2010

MangaNext Report

Hello all! The staff here is still happily exhausted from MangaNext but boy did we have fun. Everything that is displayed in the comic actually happened. On the way there a good chunk of us stopped at Wendy's for dinner and before getting back in the car for a few more hours we had a nice game of tag. We couldn't get an internet connection in the room we were staying in so we went hunting for free wifi. Osaka was particularly desperate because she forgot to e-mail in a paper that was due at midnight. Also Osaka yelled at the clock in our room because when we turned off all the lights it glowed in her face. The game We Didn't Playtest This At All is a lot of crazy, random fun and we played it whenever we got bored. We made some excellent friends among the Hetalia cosplayers and they were legion. Uncle Yo was there and graced us with his usual hilarity. Anime Parliament is something you have to look up, so funny. The Anime Dating Game was most excellent, but not internet safe, thus it is censored. The boys were all in one car and the girls were in another. The girls beat the boys going both ways, by a half-hour one way and an hour the other. Silly boys were too slow. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this week's comic and shall go back to our usual randomness next week.

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